June 27, 2013

Plantation Key man, arrested on warrant, stabs himself with needle

A 21 year old Plantation Key man made threatening gestures at officers with a needle, then stabbed himself with it in the neck Wednesday night.

Detectives went to the house on Azalea Street at 7:45 p.m. to arrest Cole Peacock on charges of fraud and grand theft. He is accused of applying for a credit card through Citibank using a fictitious company name – Lockheed Martin IT. Once the card was issued, he charged $18,801.67 on the card. He then wrote three fraudulent checks and sent them to Citibank to cover the charges. The checks used the same fake business name he used to apply for the card, and listed Peacock’s address on them. Peacock also used his own cell phone number on the credit card application. Citibank conducted an investigation, and then reported the case to the Sheriff’s Office.

After reviewing the case, Detective Robert Dosh obtained warrants for Peacock. He and other detectives and deputies went to Peacock’s home on Azalea Street to arrest him on the warrants . When they go there, Peacock pulled a plastic tube with a needle on it out of his pocket. The device turned out to be an EpiPen, but at the time, it was unclear what it was. He pointed it at the officers as if he were going to stab them. He  was ordered to drop the device, but refused. He then stabbed himself in the neck with it.

Deputies grabbed him and knocked the device from his hand. Peacock pushed, kicked and struggled with the officers as they were attempting to take him into custody. During the struggle he grabbed Detective Dosh’s holster as if he were trying to take his gun from him.

Peacock was finally subdued. He was taken to Mariner’s Hospital to be checked out, then was transported to jail. He was charged with three counts of fraud, grand theft, resisting arrest and assault.

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