July 25, 2013

Diver dies offshore of Plantation Key

A scuba diver died today in the waters offshore of Plantation Key.

Sheriff’s detectives are investigating the case. The victim, a 52 year old male from Pennsylvania, was in a private vessel with two male friends. They were in the area of Davis Reef. He and one of the friends were diving together. The victim signaled that he wanted to surface. The two of them surfaced, but as the friend was removing his dive gear he looked back and saw that the victim had slipped back under the surface.

The friend went back underwater and pulled the victim to the boat. He was unresponsive. A passing boater stopped and helped get the victim into the boat. A call was made to 911. The victim’s friends started CPR and started for shore. They brought the victim in to Tavernier Creek Marina where paramedics took over and transported him to Mariner’s Hospital.

The man was pronounced dead at Mariner’s Hospital. An autopsy will be done to determine the cause of his death. As a courtesy to the victim’s family the Sheriff’s Office is withholding his name until they can be notified of his death.

It is unknown if the three men were participating in two day sport lobster season activities.

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