July 12, 2013

Explorers compete at State Delegate's conference

 Sheriff’s Office Explorers traveled to Port St. Lucie to compete and to learn at this year’s Explorer Delegates Conference. Advisor/SRO Deputy Will Schlegelmilch and Deputy Dahlgren Marks went along as chaperones for the team of 23 Explorers who attended. Competing in firearms, Explorer Thomas Mirabella was in the Sharpshooter classification with a score of 409 out of possible 500 and placed 3rd in 38 caliber revolvers. Explorer Kyle Cassidy participated with the 9mm semi automatic Glock 19 and placed 2nd in the Marksman category with a score of 389/500. Other events included Felony Stops, Unknown Traffic stops, Officer down, Crime Scene, Drill, Building Searches, and a Physical Agility Test. In these events our team placed 3rd in building searches with Kayle Perez, Amberlyn Casas, Harry Normington and Ryan Ramos competing; second in Drill thanks to Deputy E.B. Askins who assisted with Drill team training. In the PAT test, Cindy Zaldivar had the fastest girls score with a 4:26 time and Amberlyn Casas had the second fastest time of 4:38. Events such as this give our Explorers a great idea of at what they have to look forward to with a law enforcement career. All of those who participate also appreciate all the support they get from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. Thanks goes out to Deputy Marks for his hard work during the week. He had a huge impact with the kids. He went above and beyond in participating in all of the training, and working with other counties. Deputy Schlegelmilch said he got many comments praising Deputy Marks and his participation.

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