July 24, 2013

Neighbor caught burglarizing Key Largo home

A Key Largo man was caught burglarizing a deceased neighbor’s home Tuesday morning.

The elderly owner of the home on Janet Place in Key Largo is dead and a roommate of hers who still lives in the home called the Sheriff’s Office just before 11 a.m. to report someone was inside. The roommate was inside as well. He’d locked himself in his room. He told dispatchers there were video cameras inside the home and he was monitoring the suspect’s progress as he rummaged through the house. He gave dispatcher’s a description of the suspect from the video feeds.

When Deputy Christian Galls arrived, he found 45 year old Eddy Lopez Jemot walking quickly away from the house. Lopez Jemot fit the suspect’s description so he was detained. He claimed to have permission to be in the house from the owner’s relatives, although he did not know the name of the person who gave him permission. He had three debit cards in his pocket which had the dead woman’s name on them. Lopez Jemot lived nearby, in the same neighborhood.

The owner’s son was contacted and told Deputy Galls Lopez Jemot did not have permission to be inside the home. The suspect was arrested. He was charged with burglary and theft and he was booked into jail.

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