July 5, 2013

Two arrested after brawl at Key Largo bar

Two people went to jail after a brawl at a Key Largo bar spilled over into the parking lot.

Deputies were dispatched to the Big Chill Bar at 10:45 p.m. Thursday. When Deputy Bryan Cross arrived on the scene, approximately 50 people were gathered in the parking lot. Other deputies were on scene attempting to determine what happened.

Investigations revealed a group of people from Key Largo – a couple with their 21 year old daughter and her friend – had been eating a pizza at the bar when a couple from Miami walked up and tried to grab some of the pizza from the box. A confrontation ensued; the couple from Miami – identified as 44 year old George Burns and 43 year old Midiala Siverio Dunn – began calling the two girls fat. At some point, a fight began. Burns allegedly struck both girls, knocking one to the ground.

Burns and Dunn then reportedly left the bar and were confronted in the parking lot by the victim’s father. He and Burns began fighting. A woman in the parking lot reportedly approached Dunn, who was standing near the two fighting men, and told her to move out of the way so she didn’t get hurt. Dunn then allegedly punched her.

Several witnesses corroborated the story told by the victims. Burns and Dunn were both treated for injuries at Mariner’s Hospital and were then arrested. Burns was charged with three counts of battery. Dunn was charged with battery. They were both booked into jail.

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