July 24, 2013

Upper Keys clean up yields large amounts of trash

 Sheriff’s Office warns illegal dumping will be prosecuted

On July 12th, a clean up in the Harry Harris Subdivision in Tavernier resulted in the removal of a large amount of trash that had accumulated in the area with the assistance of Bruce Williams from Advanced Disposal Services.

Upper Keys Captain Don Fanelli says much of the trash came from an area outside the rear gates of Ocean Point Condos, in the area of Planters Point. He says this area has, in the past, been used by the community as a dumping area because it is the place where the condominium complex places its trash for pickup.

“We have asked the condos not to use this area for trash disposal anymore and we are asking everyone else not to dump their trash here either,” said Captain Fanelli. “We have put up signs warning people about illegal dumping and we will be patrolling the area with this specific issue in mind. If necessary, other types of surveillance will be used as well. We want to work with the community to keep this area clean,” he said.

The Sheriff’s Office is encouraging people to call 305-289-2351 immediately if they see anyone illegally dumping anywhere in the county. Illegal dumpers will be prosecuted if they are caught.

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