July 19, 2013

Woman dies on dive trip

A woman from Merritt Island, Florida died while on a dive trip offshore of Islamorada Thursday afternoon.

54 year old Joy Meyers was on board a vessel owned by Key Dives of Islamorada. She was diving with a group of divers and a guide on Patch reef at a depth of about 23 feet when she indicated she was having some kind of trouble. The guide escorted her to the surface. Meyers got back on board the vessel around 2 p.m. and the guide returned to the water to continue with the other divers. Meyers sat down on a bench and began removing her gear. She indicated she was “feeling tired”.

A short time later, a crew member noticed she was sitting on the bench with her chin on her chest. He checked her and she was not breathing. The other divers were called back to the boat and CPR was begun on Meyers.

The boat returned to the dock, meeting paramedics at Bud and Mary’s Marina. Meyers was taken to Mariner’s Hospital where she was declared dead. An autopsy will be done to determine the cause of her death.

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