August 29, 2013

Drive Safely this Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is coming up and the Sheriff’s Office will be out on the county’s roadways this weekend to make sure people are driving safely.

Sheriff’s deputies will be patrolling county wide, but will be watching closely particularly in the upper Keys on Friday for incoming travelers, and on Monday for those leaving the Keys. In between those days, they will be patrolling the entire stretch of the island chain in an effort to keep everyone safe as they enjoy the weekend.

Marine deputies will be on the water patrolling heavy traffic areas as well, in an effort to keep the boating public safe. Remember: it is just as important to have a designated boat driver if you are consuming alcohol on the water as it is to have a designated driver for your automobile.

Be patient as you navigate heavy traffic on the highway. Don’t pass in no passing zones and don’t follow too closely behind the car in front of you. Enjoy the holiday weekend, but don’t drink and drive.

“We hope everyone enjoys the holiday weekend,” said Sheriff Rick Ramsay, “but please enjoy it safely.”

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