August 25, 2013

Four juveniles arrested for crime spree

Four teenage boys were arrested Sunday, charged with burglarizing vehicles, a convenience store and stealing a van between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Deputies initially responded to a report of a burglary at Marathon Gas at the 106.2 mile marker of the highway at 7 a.m. Someone had kicked in the front door and had stolen beer, cigarettes, cigars and a computer monitor. As they were taking that report, they also got a report of a white Ford van stolen from Norwood Avenue. While investigating those two crimes, a citizen reported a white van driving recklessly on Card Sound Road.

A notice to be on the lookout for the van – believed to be the stolen one – was put out over police radios. The van was reported to be in the area of Grassy Road in Key Largo. Deputies who responded to that area found four juvenile males on foot. The stolen van was found crashed into a wooded area nearby.

After questioning the four, deputies and detectives learned the boys - all aged 15 and 16 - had allegedly committed the business burglary then taken all the stolen items to a house behind the store where one of them lives. They also burglarized at least two vehicles in the Lake Surprise Subdivision – on Long Key Road and on Norwood Avenue.  They also stole the van from a residence on Norwood Avenue.

All four boys were arrested. They were all charged in connection with the store burglary, the vehicle theft and the vehicle burglaries. Investigations into their nocturnal activities continue.

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