August 6, 2013

Key Largo man charged with attempting to rape young woman

Key Largo – A 52 year old Key Largo man is in jail, charged with exposing himself, fondling and forcibly kissing a young woman against her will.

Pedro Portillo was supposed to bring the young woman a sandwich Monday afternoon. He walked into her home and found her in the shower. He opened the shower curtain and groped her breast and her vagina, despite her protests.

The victim pulled the curtain closed but he opened it again and this time he was naked. He fondled himself in front of her saying “you know you want this.” She fled from the shower and ran to the living room. He followed her and forcibly kissed her. She pushed him away and ran back to the bathroom in an attempt to lock herself in. He forced his way in the bathroom, forcibly kissing her again and grabbing her buttocks. She again told him no and told him to leave. At that point he did leave the house.

Portillo was found at a trailer he owns in Calusa Campground in Key Largo. He was placed under arrest. Portillo was charged with attempted sexual battery and he was booked into jail.

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