August 15, 2013

School related crime prevention tips

With the start of school right around the corner, the Sheriff’s Office would like to remind everyone about a few school related crime prevention tips:

Tips for parents:

·         Talk to your kids about how to handle different situations like bullying, theft, sexting and fights. Teach them to report crime to authorities such as teachers, law enforcement officers or a parent. Listen carefully to any concerns they might have about their school or their safety.
·         Know where your kids are, what they are doing and who they are with at all times. Know who your child’s friends are, and meet their parents.
·         Talk to your kids about non-violent ways to handle frustration, anger and conflict. Set a good example of this yourself, every day.
·         If your child stays home alone after school, teach them to lock doors and windows and talk about what they should do if someone knocks on the door or calls on the telephone.
·         Become involved in your kid’s school – join the parent / teacher association, go on field trips or help out in the classroom.
·         Monitor your kid’s social media activity.

Tips for students:

·         Settle arguments with words, not fists or weapons.
·         Report crimes to the police, school authorities or a parent.
·         Take safe routes to and from school. Travel with others whenever possible.
·         When crossing streets on your way to and from school, be careful and look carefully for vehicle traffic. Obey traffic signals and signs.
·         Don’t use alcohol or drugs and stay away from anyone who does.
·         Get involved with school activities.
·         Don’t talk to strangers or accept rides from people you don’t know.
·         Let your parent know if you deviate from your normal school routine, so they won’t worry.

School staff:

·         Get involved with formulating school safety plans.
·         Practice good security procedures and know your school’s response plan for emergencies.
·         Participate in training about confict resolution, problem solving, crisis intervention.
·         Have local law enforcement visit and speak to students and staff about crime prevention.
·         Encourage students to report crimes or suspicious activities.

·         Report to the principal any threats, information about weapons or anything else which might indicate violent behavior.

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