September 21, 2013

Check on businesses that sell alcohol

Marathon - On Friday, the Sheriff’s Special Investigations Division conducted an operation checking businesses that sell alcohol in the Middle Keys. Thirteen businesses were checked including restaurants, convenience stores and bars. Three of the businesses served alcohol to a minor during the investigation. The three people who sold the alcohol were given notices to appear in court before a Monroe County Judge.

The following are a list of the businesses and suspects who sold the alcohol:

  • Mobile gas station and convenience store, 1415 Overseas Hwy Marathon. Anthony Alfredo Figaro Pena, 21 of Marathon. This is the second offence for this business. 
  • Brass Monkey Bar, 232 55th  Street in Marathon.  Gloria Anne Holohanm, 79, of Marathon. This is the second violation for this attendant and the third violation for the business. This will be referred to Alcohol Beverage and Tobacco for follow up. 
  • Walgreens liquor store, 10870 Overseas Hwy Marathon. Frank William Miller, 64, of Marathon. This is the 2nd violation for the business.  

The Sales Clerk violations are up to 60 days in jail with a $500 fine, $235 in court costs, $75 in cost of prosecution, and $40 in cost of investigation.

The Licensee Violations are:
1st offense $1000 fine and 7 day suspension
2nd offense $3000 fine and 30 day suspension
3rd offense Revocation of license.

The remaining business checked, were in compliance with the law. This operation was conducted in cooperation with the Monroe County Coalition for a Safe and Drug Free Community. 

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