September 5, 2013

Meet new addition Bam Bam, the miniature horse this Sunday, September 8th

The Sheriff's Animal Farm will be open this Sunday, September 8th between 1 - 3 p.m. Come visit us and meet our newest addition: Bam Bam, the miniature horse. Bam Bam joins Peanut and Nikki, the other two miniature horses at the farm. Bam Bam has a wonderful disposition and loves people. He comes to us from the South Florida SPCA.

Sadly, he and five other horses were dumped along a canal in Homestead. He is 18 years old and stands 32 inches tall. He is blind in one eye, limps from what appears to be a previous injury and has other health issues that require the attention the Sheriff’s Office Animal Farm -  as a small facility - can give him.

Farmer Jeanne and Dr. Doug Mader will be working to see if they can alleviate some of Bam Bam’s health problems and make him as comfortable and happy as he can possibly be.

The Sheriff’s Office Animal farm is a haven for abandoned and abused animals, and has taken in many such animals who are not suited to traditional shelters and who need a good home.

Bring the family and come visit the animals at the farm, including horses, a cow, pigs, goats, bunnies, alligators, tropical birds, a Kinkajou, Sloths, a Lemur, Kramer the Emu, a family of Patagonian Cavys, tortoises and turtles, snakes and many more. It is free of charge (donations are welcome).

The farm is located just off of College Road, on Stock Island, at the Sheriff’s Office Headquarters complex. Groups may schedule special tours at the farm by calling Farmer Jeanne Selander at 305-293-7300.

You can also keep up with the farm and it’s animals on Facebook. Visit our page at

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