September 25, 2013

Sheriff’s Office WebCAD now in mobile version

For those of you who use our on line WebCAD – our web page that shows live calls for service as deputies are responding to them – we have a new mobile version that is designed for better viewing on Smartphone screens.

The purpose of WebCAD is to let people know what is happening. If someone hears a siren in their neighborhood, they can look on line and see what type of call might be taking place. For officer safety reasons, we don’t give exact addresses or details of the call, but it will list a general type such as “fire” or “reckless driver” or “domestic” and a general location such as “Stock Island” , “Key Largo” or “Plantation Key”.

When it comes to traffic accidents, we try to give more information so people can assess road conditions and plan their travel accordingly. Accident calls will include a more specific location and, when the accident will effect road conditions, Sheriff’s dispatchers enter information about road blocks, number of vehicles involved and, when possible, an estimate of the time the road will be closed.

The mobile version of our WebCAD can be found at:

For serious accidents involving injury that are expected to close the road for a lengthy period of time, people can also follow us on Twitter @mcsonews and on Facebook at MCSO – Florida Keys. These social media pages also offer information about crimes that occur in the county and photos and information about what the Sheriff’s Office is doing on a day to day basis.

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