September 14, 2013

Two teens charged with fight involving metal pipe and machete

Key Largo – A fight in the street on Largo Road in late August has resulted in the arrest of two Key Largo teens for aggravated battery.

The incident took place on August 25th at 1:30 a.m. A group of teens were walking down the road when a red Dodge Charger drove by them. One person in the group slapped the back of the car because he felt it passed too closely.

The Charger stopped in the roadway and two teens got out. A verbal confrontation occurred and they got back in the car and drove a distance down the road. They stopped, armed themselves with a metal pipe and a machete, and returned. At that point, a physical fight took place.

During the fight, the two teens from the Charger – 17 year old Roberto Fumero of Key Largo and 18 year old Jose Robaina of Tavernier – hit a teen in the other group a number of times with their weapons, injuring him on his torso, back, right forearm and left shoulder.  

Deputy Ian Barnett investigated the case, interviewing the victim, other teens who were involved in the incident. He was able to identify the two who were armed with weapons.

He obtained warrants for their arrest and on Friday, Fumero and Robaina were arrested. They were both charged with aggravated battery.

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