October 21, 2013

Key West man charged with burglary, battery

I originally posted this story on Sunday and had the name wrong. Here is the corrected version. I'm sorry for the error.

A man who lives on board a boat in Key West harbor was arrested Saturday, charged with entering another man’s boat without permission and beating him.

The victim told Deputy David Lariz he was sleeping in the early morning hours Saturday when Travis Iverson entered his boat. He said he woke up to find Iverson choking him. The two men struggled, with Iverson hitting the victim several times in the face. The victim said during the attack, Iverson made comments about the victim’s ex-girlfriend who recently died. The victim had numerous injuries consistent with his story, including a swollen lip, black eye and marks on his  neck.

Deputy Lariz found Iverson near the dinghy docks at Turtle Kraals. Iverson had minor injuries consistent with a struggle, including abrasions on his elbows and scratches. He was arrested, charged with burglary with battery on the occupant and he was taken to jail.

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