October 22, 2013

Man arrested for stealing, pawning jewelry

A Key Largo man was arrested Monday, charged with taking his girlfriend’s jewelry without her permission and pawning it.

The victim told Deputy E.B. Askins she took her jewelry off on the 17th, putting it in the drawer of her nightstand in her bedroom. She said she looked for it the following day to put it back on, but it was gone. She said the only person who had access to that area of her home was 35 year old Jose Santos, whom she has a relationship with.

She visited Coral Financial Pawn Shop where she found the missing jewelry. The owner of the pawn shop told Deputy Askins the jewelry had been pawned by Santos during several different visits to the shop. He said Santos claimed to be the owner of the items he was pawning.

Santos was arrested. He was charged with grand theft, four counts of dealing in stolen property and three counts of giving false information to a pawn broker.

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