October 9, 2013

Man arrested for threats with two handguns

A Tavernier man was arrested Tuesday afternoon after he pointed two different handguns at another man and threatened to kill him.

The 26 year old victim told deputies he and a friend were standing in front of Blue Water Apartments on Oleander Drive in Tavernier at 2 p.m. He said a car driven by 28 year old Kyle Hogan sped by them, almost hitting him. He said he yelled at Hogan to slow down. He said Hogan did a U-turn and pulled up to him, and asked him what he said. The victim told Hogan he’d almost been hit Hogan told him he would stab him if he didn’t shut his mouth. Hogan accelerated away, down the street, then returned a short time later.

When Hogan returned, he pulled out a chrome colored handgun, racked the slide on the gun and pointed it at the victim. The victim said he was afraid, so he pulled a chain out of the trunk of his friend’s car.  Hogan then pulled out a second gun – a black one this time - and threatened to kill him a second time.

After making the threats, Hogan began driving away from the scene. Just then, Deputy Sever Hustad pulled onto the street in his patrol car. The victim flagged him down and told him what happened, pointing out Hogan’s car as it sped away.

Deputy Husted followed Hogan, finally pulling him over on Burton Drive. Detective Barney Sajdak arrived as back up and they removed Hogan from the car. He admitted having two handguns in the glove compartment of his car. Both handguns were found to be loaded. Hogan told the officers he and the victim have had problems with each other due to an incident that took place when they were kids.

Several witnesses corroborated the victim’s account of what took place. Hogan was arrested. He was charged with two counts of aggravated assault and he was taken to jail.

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