October 6, 2013

Man charged with aggravated battery

One man went to jail and the other to the hospital after a fight this morning at a hotel in Marathon.

When deputies arrived at the Holiday Inn Express at 8 a.m. they found the 21 year old victim outside. He had visible injuries to  his face, including a bloody eye and missing teeth. He said he was visiting the Keys from Stuart, Florida with a group of friends. He said one of the friends attacked him.

Deputies Brad Colen and Mark Martin entered the hotel and saw 21 year old Taylor Harrison leaving. Harrison told the deputies he was staying in room 336 with a group of friends. He denied that he or any of his friends had been in an altercation. He took the deputies up to the room.

As the deputies began speaking to the group of young people in the room, they noticed what looked like teeth sitting on the night stand. After questioning them about the teeth, they finally admitted a fight had taken place between the victim and Harrison.

Harrison claimed he hit the victim once after which the victim left. The victim was later questioned. He said he was sleeping on the floor of the room and asked for a pillow and blanket. He said Harrison called him names so he asked Harrison to step outside to  “handle it”. As he was putting on his shoes, he said, Harrison punched him. He said he blacked out. When he came to, Harrison was choking him. He was able to escape from the room.

Medical staff at the hospital said the victim’s injuries were consistent with being punched 5-10 times. He required seven stitches around his eye and his orbital socket was broken. He was also missing a number of teeth.

Harrison was arrested and charged with aggravated battery.

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