October 3, 2013

Man charged with making false accusations

A Miami man was arrested Wednesday, charged with falsely accusing a woman of stealing money from him.

On September 4th, 51 year old Ricardo Delahoz told Deputy Luis Gomez he was at dinner with a woman at an Islamorada restaurant when he left their table leaving his checkbook on the table. He said that is when the woman must have taken two checks from him, which he said she later cashed for almost $20,000.

Detective Robert Dosh was assigned to investigate the case. He spoke with the suspect, who told him Delahoz told her he won the lottery and wanted to give her money because he said she and her husband had been so good to him. She said he wrote her two checks which she cashed at a Homestead bank.

Detective Dosh spoke with the teller at the bank who cashed the checks. She said because of the size of the checks, she called Delahoz before cashing them and he approved it.

When confronted with the information from Detective Dosh, Delahoz admitted to lying about the woman stealing money from him. He said he just wanted his money back.

Delahoz was arrested. He was charged with making a false report, perjury and three counts each of obstructing a criminal investigation and fraud. He was booked into jail.

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