October 11, 2013

Stock Island man jailed for aggravated battery

A Stock island man is in jail for beating his ex-fiance, putting her in the hospital for her injuries.

The 37 year old victim told Deputy David Lariz she went to 42 year old Juan Ortueta’s residence at Waters Edge Trailer Park Thursday at 7 a.m. She said she lived with him at the residence prior to them splitting up and was going there to pick up her mail from the mailbox. When he saw her, they began to argue.

She said she was afraid, so she ran to the car and locked herself in. She said Ortueta broke the handle off the driver’s side door. She said she forgot to lock the passenger side, so he opened that door and dragged her from the car and began to beat her with a stick he picked up from the ground.

She said hit her numerous times all over her body, then he threw her to the ground and continued to beat her, kicking and punching her. He then threw her belongings out of the trailer onto the ground.

She was transported to Lower Keys Hospital where she was treated for multiple injuries to her head and body. Ortueta was taken into custody, charged with aggravated battery, and booked into jail.

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