November 6, 2013

Celebrate Maddie’s birthday on the Farm this Sunday


It is Maddie the Sloth’s first birthday and the Sheriff’s Office Animal Farm will be celebrating this Sunday!

The farm is open from 1 – 3 p.m. on Sunday, November 10th.  The Animal Farm is free of charge and a wonderful family activity. If you want to bring a gift, Maddie’s favorite foods include plums, corn on the cob, carrots, apples, cantaloupe pears and bananas.

Maddie loves visiting with people and travels frequently to events around the county with Farmer Jeanne Selander, who supervises the facility. Maddie is one of a family of three Sloths who live on the farm, along with many other animals including Kinkajous, Patagonian Cavies, Kramer the Emu, Bucky the Llama, Eeyore the Donkey, Angus the steer, miniature horses Peanut and Nicki, Ghost – the blind horse, goats, pigs, tropical birds, snakes, bunnies, ferrets and many, many more.

The farm has over 250 animals and all of them love to have visitors. The farm is located underneath the Sheriff’s Office Main Detention Center, at 5501 College Road on Stock Island.

Donations to the farm can be given at the door and are appreciated. The farm’s upkeep depends largely on monetary gifts from the public. For more information about the Sheriff’s Animal Farm, call Farmer Jeanne Selander at 305-293-7300.

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