November 11, 2013

Fire destroys trailer early today

A trailer in Key Largo was destroyed by fire overnight. No one was injured.

Deputy Tony Conde responded to reports of a trailer on fire at 80 Coral Way in the Harborage Trailer Park at 2 a.m. When he arrived, he found the trailer fully engulfed in flames. He and Sgt. Jason Madnick evacuated nearby trailers in case the fire spread.

Deputy Conde found a man standing in front of the trailer who said he was the person who’d been inside when the fire started. His uncle showed up a short time later. He identified himself as the person who lives in the trailer.

The uncle said he’d brought his nephew, who’d been drinking, to the trailer to “sleep it off”. He said he was house sitting somewhere else for a friend and returned to the other house after dropping off his nephew.

The nephew said he was hungry and decided to cook a steak. He said he must have fallen asleep, and woke up to find the kitchen on fire. He said he tried to put the fire out, but finally had to evacuate the trailer.

The Red Cross responded to the scene and will be assisting the fire victims. The Fire Marshal’s Office also responded to investigate.

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