November 11, 2013

House party discovered; juveniles cited

A house party with numerous juveniles drinking alcohol was broken up late Sunday in Tavernier.

Sheriff’s deputies received information about a possible party involving juveniles drinking on Airport Road late Saturday. They arrived in the area and saw a house with a large number of cars parked around it.

When they entered the property, they began encountering juveniles with alcoholic beverages in their hands. One boy told them he lived there and his parents are gone, leaving him alone. He said he was watching football on television when people started showing up. His parents were notified of what was happening at their home.

The parents of all the other juveniles were contacted to come pick up their kids. All the kids who were drinking alcohol were issued juvenile citations, which will be processed through the Sheriff’s Office Juvenile Programs Unit.

A small amount of marijuana and two pipes were found at the scene and will be destroyed

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