November 11, 2013

Man arrested for stealing fishing boat

Stock Island – A 29 year old Key West man was arrested Saturday night, charged with stealing a commercial fishing vessel from the Stock Island fishing docks.

Michael McKenna, known as “Irish Mike”, was arrested and charged with stealing the 34 foot vessel “Bosun” from the docks at Sea Lobster on Stock Island. Witnesses told Deputy Aaron Coller and Sgt. Geni Hernandez they saw McKenna take the boat out. The owner told Sgt. Hernandez he did not give McKenna permission to take his boat.

As the officers were investigating at 10 p.m. Saturday, they saw the boat in the harbor, returning to the dock. As they watched, the vessel turned around as if it were leaving again. A few minutes later, they spotted McKenna standing on a dock nearby. Further investigation revealed the stolen boat tied up next to another boat. Witnesses said they saw McKenna dock it there.

McKenna was taken into custody. He was charged with grand theft and he was booked into jail.

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