November 8, 2013

Tampa man arrested for fleeing from deputies

A 20 year old Tampa man is in jail today, after refusing to pull over for deputies trying to stop him for speeding and improper passing.

Deputy Greg Johnson spotted a black Nissan sedan at 11 a.m. traveling at a high rate of speed in the center turn lane at the 87 mile marker, passing other cars illegally. At the 86 mile marker he saw the car run out of room and cut sharply back in to traffic, right into the middle of a pack of motorcycles almost causing a crash.

Deputy Johnson had his lights and siren on attempting to pull the car over. He pulled up beside the car and, using his PA system, told the driver to pull over. The driver looked at him, lit a cigarette, and continued with his dangerous driving. Deputy Johnson saw the driver – later identified as 20 year old Tyler Seeger – waving at passing cars as he continued passing illegally, weaving in and out of traffic and passing into oncoming traffic.

Deputy Anthony O’Dea was at the south end of the Channel 5 Bridge with his lights and siren activated. As Seeger drove by him, he waved to Deputy O’Dea as well. Deputy O’Dea pulled out to assist in the pursuit and Deputy Johnson called ahead to have patrol units south of their location set up at the south end of the Long Key Bridge to use the Stinger Spike system to stop the fleeing car.

Just prior to reaching the location where the spikes had been set up, Seeger stopped his car and surrendered. As he was being arrested, he asked if he could “explain”. He then told Deputy Johnson “you are all going to jail for treason.”

A number of the motorcycle drivers he almost caused to crash stopped to give statements about what happened.

Seeger was charged with fleeing and eluding police, speeding, improper passing. He was booked into jail.


  1. Thank you Deputy Johnson, the rest of the deputies, and the state troopers who helped out from one of the bikers from Ohio!!

  2. Deputy Johnson did a great job