January 3, 2014

Islamorada man charged with clandestinely videotaping teen

A 44 year old Islamorada man was arrested today, charged with secretly video recording a teenage girl the bathroom of her Islamorada home.

The 16 year old victim was getting ready to take a shower when she noticed a small clock sitting on the counter of the bathroom. She examined it more closely, discovering it had a small, hidden camera inside. When she removed the digital storage card from the device and copied it to her computer, she realized she was being video recorded.

She told her older sister about finding the camera. They reported it to their mother.

On January 1st, Detective Manny Cuervo was assigned to investigate the case. According to his reports, 44 year old Douglas Adams was shown clearly on the camera s video recording placing the device in the bathroom. Detectives confronted him with the information today, arresting and charging him with video voyeurism. He was booked into jail.

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