January 19, 2014

Man arrested for attack on tow truck driver

Tavernier  A 43 year old Miami man went to jail Saturday evening after he backed his car into a tow truck driver who was attempting to tow it away.

The victim, an employee of Guy s Towing, responded to a call from a resident of Driftwood Trailer Park at 6 p.m. who said an unauthorized vehicle was parked in his parking space and he wanted it towed. The tow truck arrived and the victim began to hook the vehicle up to tow it.

The owner of the car, Javier Ramos, jumped into his car in an attempt to stop it from being towed. The victim was behind the vehicle when Ramos began to back it up. Ramos backed up into the victim, knocking him to the ground.

A second employee of the tow company sprayed Ramos with pepper spray in an attempt to get him to stop, so he wouldn t further injure the victim. At that point, Ramos attacked the tow company employees. Ramos  family members were nearby and joined in the attack.

Deputies Derick Velez and Diosvel Fumero responded. They separated all of those involved in the altercation. Ramos was arrested and charged with aggravated battery. The victim was taken to Mariner s Hospital for treatment of injuries to his face and back.

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