January 10, 2014

Woman, dancing in the grass with white substance on her face, arrested for stolen vehicle

A Miami woman acting erratically at Coral Shores High School this morning was arrested after deputies found the car she was traveling in was stolen.

Assistant Principal Blake Fry first reported a woman acting strangely on school grounds at 7:30 a.m. He told School Resource Deputy Larry O’Neill a woman with a white substance all over her face and was hitting her own car – a white BMW - with a bungee cord and threatening students with a rock. Deputy O’Neill, who was working in the school crossing on U.S. One, radioed in for assistance and deputies responded. When they arrived, the car had left campus. they found it parked blocking a lane of the highway. 43 year old Elizabeth Quintana was out of the car, dancing in the gras near Coral Isles Church, just north of the school. She was dressed in strange clothing that was wet and had a white substance on her face which might be some kind of theatrical paint. She said something unintelligible about “Disney” and there were random things written all over the car in pink marker.

A check on the vehicle revealed it was reported stolen in Miami on January 9th. It appeared that the vehicle was parked in the highway because it had run out of gas. Quintana was arrested. She was charged with grand theft of the automobile, trespassing on school grounds and disorderly conduct.

A man who was in the vehicle with her was released after it was discovered he did not know her and that she had picked him up and given him a ride from Key West.

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  1. Hello Sheriff, my name is Sebastian. I know the Elizabeth Lopes, i have been looking for her since a month. She has bipolar disorder and she is not taking the pills. She has this decease since 2001. I visit her at Miami University Hospital on November and December, but then she disappeared a few times, because she is not mentally ok. Is there a way to know where is she now? I would like to help her. She has no family in this country, only a husband who is not taking care of this situation. Thank you