February 28, 2014

Employees of the Year honored

Last week, the Sheriff’s Office held its Employee of the Year award ceremony in Marathon. The five award winners are from all areas of the Sheriff’s Office – law enforcement, corrections, support, reserves and the explorer program.
“The people chosen to be Employees of the Year are truly the best of the best – they have proven themselves to be outstanding employees, as well as outstanding contributors to the community they serve,” said Sheriff Rick Ramsay.
The Employees of the Year are chosen from all of those who received one of the Sheriff’s Employee of the Quarter awards throughout the past year. 
The yearly award winners received a special plaque from the sheriff in recognition of their exemplary work, and a badge to wear on their uniforms with the designation “Officer [or Employee] of the Year.” In addition, they each receive a check for $500 which, this year, was donated by Centennial Bank, and $1,000 from the Sheriff’s Office. The Explorer of the Year receives $100 donated by Centennial Bank, with a matching amount from the Sheriff’s Office. 
The Cormier Memorial Award, given to the Sheriff’s Office Sworn Law Enforcement Officer of the Year, is named for Deputy David Cormier, a Sheriff’s Reserve Officer killed in the line of duty in a traffic accident in November of 1989. Members of the Cormier family attend the ceremony each year in memory of their loved one who gave his life in service to the community.

This year’ s recipients are pictured with Majors Tommy Taylor and Lou Caputo (in the photo, left to right): Major Taylor, Support employee Maintenance Supervisor Dempsey Ballard, Reserve Deputy Rosary Ponce (Ponce is now a certified deputy sheriff with MCSO), Corrections / Detention Deputy Angelina Lubin, Explorer Post Lieutenant Thomas Mirabella and Law Enforcement: Detective Nicholis Whiteman and Major Caputo.

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