February 25, 2014

Sheriff gives to Take Stock in Children

The Sheriff’s Office contributed $25,000 to the Take Stock in Children program this week. The money comes from the Law Enforcement Trust Fund, which is money seized in criminal cases.

Sheriff Ramsay strongly supports the educational program, which provides mentors for low-income youth during their middle and high school years and awards students with college scholarships as well. The Sheriff encourages his employees to participate as mentors - ten employees are currently mentoring youth throughout the county.

“This program benefits the kids it serves, but it also benefits our community as a whole. A kid who is more involved and more serious about their education is less likely to wind up on the wrong side of the criminal justice system,” he said.  “They also contribute value once they obtain that education and return to our community to join the workforce.”

In the photo, left to right: Sheriff Ramsay contributes $25,000 to Take Stock in Children. Accepting the check is Program Coordinator Leslie Holmes, President Emeritus John Padget and Success Coach Chuck Licis.

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