February 17, 2014

Skeletal remains found off College Road

Stock Island - Sheriff's detectives say skeletal remains of a man were found in a wooded area off College Road today.

The bones have been turned over to the Medical Examiner so he can attempt to discover more about who the dead man is and how he may have died. The body was about 10 feet into a wooded area across from Gerald Adams School. Detectives say the body may have been there for months. There was no obvious signs of foul play upon initial examination of the body and the surrounding area.

A bag with belongings in it and possible identifying documents - including a Florida driver's license - was found nearby. The driver's license is not from Monroe County. A closer examination of the body will be necessary, however, to determine if the body is, indeed, the same person as the person depicted on the license.

Deputy Vicki Lockwood-Fleck responded to the area at about 10 a.m. after a man called Sheriff's dispatchers to report seeing the bones there. Major Crimes Detective Lissette Zuelch also responded and will be investigating the case along with the Medical Examiner.

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