March 7, 2014

Contractor arrested for grand theft

The owner of a company that installs boat lifts was arrested Thursday for taking money to install a boat lift and then failing to do the work.

This is the fourth criminal case against Englund and his company in the last five years investigated by Monroe County detectives. In three of those cases, 61 year old Peter Englund has been arrested for grand theft for taking money from people to do work for them, and then failing to do the work.

Englund gives a home address in Delray Beach, Florida and owns a company called Viking Marine. In his latest criminal offense, Englund took $1,500 from a Key Largo resident who lives on Adams Drive. He contracted to install a boat lift at the man’s residence in March of 2013, but after that he never showed up to do the work. Repeated phone calls from the homeowner got no response from Englund.

In previous cases, he did the same thing to homeowners in Big Pine Key, Key Largo and Tavernier. Only one case was resolved without criminal charges when Englund agreed to repay the deposit money the homeowner paid to him because he said he was too busy to complete the work.

Englund was booked into jail Thursday on grand theft charges. 

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