March 7, 2014

Marathon man charged with animal cruelty

A Marathon man is in jail, charged with cruelly abusing a pit bull terrier named “Wally” in front of witnesses.

At 12:45 a.m., Deputies Garrett Brag, Garrett Test and Deanna Torres responded to the Marathon Grill and Alehouse to a disturbance. When they arrived, they found the suspect, 21 year old Benjamin Check, pacing in the parking lot, visibly agitated. Witnesses in the parking lot said they’d seen Check violently abusing his dog, a pit bull terrier named “Wally”.

The witnesses said they saw Check pick Wally up by the ears and slam him into the ground repeatedly. They also saw him thrust his knee into Wally’s side. They said during the entire attack, Wally was crying out in pain.

A search of Check turned up a wallet in his pocket that did not belong to him. The wallet’s owner was on the scene. He said he did not give Check permission to take his wallet.

Animal Control was called to the scene and took Wally into their custody for his protection and for treatment of any injuries he may have sustained.

Check went to jail on charges of petit theft and animal cruelty.

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