March 4, 2014

Stock Island man arrested for stabbing

A Stock Island man is under arrest, charged with stabbing another man in a fight over a woman.

Witnesses and the victim say 32 year old Keeney Diaz and the victim were fighting over the victim s girlfriend. The fight took place Monday at 11 a.m. on Robin Lane on Stock Island. During the fight, Diaz reportedly pulled out a knife. When the victim saw the knife he turned to flee. Diaz then allegedly stabbed him in the lower back with the knife.

Deputy Matt Dowling was nearby when the victim approached him to report being stabbed. Paramedics were called. Deputy Dowling responded to Robin Lane, to the rear of a home on 5th Avenue. He asked a man he found there if Diaz was inside. The man said Diaz was inside.

Diaz then stepped outside the home and he was taken into custody and placed in the rear of Deputy Dowling s patrol car. When Deputy Dowling told Diaz he was being arrested, Diaz began to struggle in the back of the vehicle. Deputies David Lariz and Kim Trullender were on scene to assist and they attempted to calm Diaz, who kicked and struggled with them violently.

Diaz was transported to jail where he was booked for aggravated battery and resisting arrest with violence.

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