April 11, 2014

Deputy stops illegal dump truck full of gravel

Thanks to reports from observant citizens a dump truck with numerous violations was stopped at the 104 mile marker of the highway Thursday.

The Sheriff’s Office received calls from drivers about a dump truck full of gravel southbound on the 18 mile stretch. The tarp which was supposed to be covering the load was askew and it was losing gravel as it traveled. Callers said the truck did not appear to have a license tag.

Deputy Dave Campbell was at the 105 mile marker when he saw the truck pass by. He pulled it over. The license tag on the back was unreadable and the tag on the front was bent under. A check of the registration revealed it expired in December.

An FHP Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Compliance Officer responded to the scene. She found two bad tires on the truck. Because the truck was not properly registered, the law says it is only qualified to carry a 10,000 pound load. The truck was weighed roadside and was found to be carrying 66,000 pounds putting it way over its legal weight limit.

With all the citations issued, the driver, 36 year old Mairon Perez of Miami will have to pay over $4,000 in fines.

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