April 4, 2014

Key Largo man charged with illegally dumping small boat

A Key Largo man was booked into jail, charged with illegally dumping a small vessel on the side of the road on Coral Way near the 105 mile marker of the highway.

Sgt. Jason Madnick responded March 10th to a report of an abandoned boat left blocking a driveway on Coral Way in Key Largo. He found a small catamaran on the side of the road. A witness told him he’d seen the same boat in the back of a truck the day before. He told Sgt. Madnick the person who owns the truck lives on Ryan Avenue.

Subsequent investigation identified 63 year old Reinaldo Carballero as the owner of the truck. When Sgt. Madnick confronted Carballero about the dumping case, the man said he’d picked the boat up to take it home, then realized it wasn’t worth keeping and returned to the place he found it.

Sgt. Madnick obtained a warrant for Carballero’s arrest and he was picked up on Thursday and charged with illegal dumping. He was booked into jail.

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