April 7, 2014

Man arrested for burglary, battery

An Islamorada man was arrested Saturday for forcing his way into a home and battering the occupant.

The victim said she and a friend returned to her home at the 90.2 mile marker in Islamorada at 5 a.m. Saturday when someone began banging on her door. When she opened the door, she saw a friend of hers, 29 year old Daniel Bradley. She said Bradley appeared angry and was yelling “Where is Dude?”  She asked who “Dude” is? He yelled “You know Dude. Where the hell is he?” She said he grabbed her and pushed her so she shoved him outside and shut and locked the door.

She said a few minutes later, he kicked in the front door. She said he headed straight for her still yelling “Where is Dude?” She said at that point she and her friend pushed him over the couch and punched him. She said he jumped up and attacked her again. She fought him off and he finally ran out the door, yelling “Where is Dude?”

Bradley was found walking on the highway a short distance away and he was taken into custody. When Deputy Ray Jodlowski asked for his side of the story, he said he had nothing to say. He was charged with burglary with battery on the occupant.

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