April 30, 2014

National Correctional Officers and Employees Week

Next week, May 4th through the 10th, is National Correctional Officers and Employees Week. The week was originally enacted by President Ronald Reagan in 1984. It is a week set aside to recognize these hard working correctional professionals and the valuable public service they provide.

Much of what they do is “behind the scenes” in a county, state or federal corrections facility. Every day they work in a place most of us have never been and don’t ever want to be. It is a tough job that requires a great amount of patience to perform every day.

Correctional Officers are many different things to many different people. They are law enforcement officers, counselors, supervisors and sometimes medical first responders.

The people who work in our Monroe County Sheriff’s Office jail facilities are well trained and professional in their job performance. They are also dedicated to their community.

“Our corrections employees are exemplary in their field. We are tremendously proud of the job they do. They are also some of the first of our members to step up when it comes to community service work,” said Sheriff Rick Ramsay. “They are involved in many charitable activities, including fund raisers for the MARC House, Salvation Army, the American Cancer Society and they are always present in large numbers for the community clean ups we hold county-wide,” he said.

Next week, if you know anyone who works in one of our jail facilities, or in another corrections facility in some other jurisdiction, let them know you appreciate their hard work and the tough job they do.

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