April 1, 2014

Road rage incident leads to arrest

A Lower Keys man was arrested Monday after he became angry over a driving incident and almost hit a man with his car.

The victim told Deputy Kim Trullender he was at the intersection of North Roosevelt Boulevard and Highway U.S. One, turning onto the highway just after 1 p.m. A black colored Lexus was merging into traffic from South Roosevelt Boulevard. The victim said the Lexus got too close to his car and he honked his horn to let the driver know he was there. He said the Lexus, driven my 79 year old James Robert Cooper of Key Haven followed him.

The victim said he pulled into Chico’s Restaurant to have lunch. He said Cooper followed him and began yelling threats at him. The victim took pictures of the Lexus and the driver so he could document the threats. He said as he was taking a picture of the front of the car, Cooper suddenly stepped on the gas as if to hit the victim. Cooper then drive away in the Lexus and the victim flagged down a nearby patrol car.

A witness corroborated the victim’s story. Deputy Trullender went to Cooper’s house on Amaryllis Drive. Cooper was arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault.

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