April 1, 2014

“Violent Sexual Predator” arrested in Marathon

Sheriff’s deputies initially investigating a trespassing call in Marathon Friday morning arrested a man who turned out to be designated as a “violent sexual predator” in two other states.

Deputy Chuck Kellenberger was behind Gulfside Village in Marathon when he asked a homeless man sleeping in the area for his identification. The man said he had no identification, but gave his name as Jean Paul Sebastian, along with a date of birth and a social security number. A check on that name returned as “no record found” so Deputy Kellenberger asked him again for his correct identification. This time he gave his name as first name “Sebastian”, then changed it to first name of “Paul”, then said he could not remember his date of birth of his social security number.

Sgt. Dennis Coleman responded to back up Deputy Kellenberger. As Deputy Kellenberger was on the radio with Sheriff’s dispatchers, the man began to act in an agitated fashion with Sgt. Coleman. He kept reaching in his pocket and refused orders to keep his hands in sight.

Sheriff’s dispatchers continued trying to discover who the man was using various permutations of the name and other information he had given. Dispatcher Andrea Fricke finally found the name he had given attached to a record belonging to Alan Bruce Robinson. Robinson is designated as a “sexually violent predator” from the State of Illinois. Robinson is also wanted in the state of Minnesota fro being a “Sex Offender – Predatory Off Viol.” With no further information available regarding the charges. His identity was confirmed using photographs available from the Minnesota Predatory Offender Registry.

Robinson was arrested and charged with resisting arrest, giving a false name to a law enforcement officer and failing to register as a sexual offender. He was booked into jail.

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