May 8, 2014

Miami man charged with driving recklessly in Ocean Reef

A Miami man was arrested on multiple charges after forcing his way onto Ocean Reef property, then driving recklessly.

According to reports, 27 year old Jorge Gabrie first came to the attention of deputies while he was northbound on U.S. One at the 103 mile marker on his motorcycle. Gabrie was riding with another motorcyclist, later identified as ***record expunged***. The two were traveling at a high rate of speed when Deputy Brian Cross spotted them. Deputy Cross chose not to chase them due to crowded conditions on the roadway and the dangers of such a pursuit under those conditions. Instead, he issued a notice to be on the lookout for them over his police radio.

A short time later, Ocean Reef Public Safety manning the gates of the gated community called for assistance because a motorcycle had just ridden through their gate, damaging it in the process. They said they told Gabrie no motorcycles were allowed on the property, but he rode through the gate anyway.

Deputy Tim Hunsberger was working at Ocean Reef at the time and he responded. Deputy Cross also responded from the Key Largo area. On his way from Key Largo, Deputy Cross spotted one of the motorcycles he’d seen earlier. It was parked alongside the road with no one around it. He checked the tag, which was valid and came back as belonging to***record expunged***. Deputy Cross then proceeded on to Ocean Reef to assist there.

In the meantime, Deputy Hunsberger spotted the other motorcycle operated by Gabrie. The motorcycle almost hit a pedestrian and forced a golf cart off the road before stopping for the deputy. Gabrie was placed into custody. His driver’s license had a restriction on it saying he could only drive to and from work. Gabrie later indicated in comments to deputies that he thought he was in Key Biscayne.

As Deputies Hunsberger and Cross were dealing with Gabrie, ***record expunged*** rode up on his motorcycle. Public Safety Officers at the gate said ***record expunged*** entered the property against their orders not to do so.

Gabrie was arrested and charged with hit and run, reckless driving, criminal mischief, trespassing and violating his license restrictions. ***record expunged***was charged with trespassing. Both men were booked into jail.

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  1. Excellent decision by deputy Cross not to give chase .