June 12, 2014

If you see or hear something suspicious, call us!

Crime Prevention tip: If you see something even remotely suspicious in your neighborhood, call us!

Here is a real world example of a crime which might have been prevented and suspects that could have been identified and caught!

We received a report of a burglary in the Upper Keys. The doors to the residence had been kicked in and many items were stolen. When we began investigating, we found a neighbor who said he heard a truck pull up in the middle of the night. He saw men with flashlights get out of the truck and walk down the street. He then heard the same truck leave an hour and a half later.

We can't know for sure these were suspects who committed the burglary, although we are investigating the case. However, if this neighbor had called us when he heard the truck and saw the men, we could have responded, stopped them and identified them. This could have prevented the burglary all together and, if the crime still took place, we would have the identities of possible suspects to help our investigation. I'm sure this neighbor wishes he'd called and will call if anything similar happens in the future.

PLEASE CALL US WHEN YOU SEE OR HEAR SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD! We would rather prevent a crime from happening than investigate one after the fact.

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