June 26, 2014

Marathon man missing, possible suicide

A 70 year old Marathon man is missing, and detectives say he may have committed suicide. He left a note at his residence which was found by his girlfriend. The note said he was going to the old Seven Mile Bridge to kill himself. His shoes and a loaded revolver were found on the old bridge.

The Coast Guard and Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission are out on the water this morning searching for 70 year old Jim Pierce, who owns Marine Power Systems in Marathon.

The girlfriend, Jacquelyn Setmayer, called the Sheriff’s Office just before 9 p.m. Wednesday after finding the note. Dispatchers received a separate call at about the same time about a gun and a pair of shoes found by people on the bridge. Deputies and detectives responded to the bridge where they met with Setmayer and recovered the shoes and gun.

Investigations into the incident are continuing. 

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