July 22, 2014

Big Coppitt Key man faces more charges

A man arrested late last week for burglarizing two vehicles, stealing credit cards and using them at area businesses faces more charges this week.

22 year old Eric Pazian was arrested last week after he used a credit cards stolen in car burglaries first to purchase items in several businesses in downtown Key West, and then to pay a cab driver to take him home. The cards were taken from two unlocked cars parked on Driftwood Drive in the Key Haven neighborhood on Stock Island. Detectives used the cab driver’s information to find where Pazian lived and to recover the cards he had stolen. Many of the cards were found in the bedroom of his residence; more were found in a car he’d been using that belonged to his roommate. In the bedroom and in the car, detectives found several credit cards belonging to two other women who lived at homes on Floral Avenue in the same neighborhood.

They contacted the women whose names were on the cards. Both women confirmed their unlocked cars had, indeed, been burglarized at about the same time as the first two burglaries Pazian was charged with. Neither one of them had reported the crimes.

Pazian, who is currently in the Monroe County Detention Center, was further charged with two counts of burglary, two counts of theft and two counts of fraudulent use of a credit card.

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