July 28, 2014

Keep your gear safe while participating in sport lobster season

During this week’s two day sport lobster season, many visitors will be in the Florida Keys with their boats, boating equipment and dive equipment. With those visitors will come those who prey upon them: thieves targeting fishing and dive gear.

Every year during the two day sport lobster season, deputies take numerous reports about fishing and dive gear taken from houses, condos, hotels and boats. Usually, the gear is left unattended. Many times people report they left the gear outside to dry after a boating trip and returned to find it gone.

Keep this in mind and make sure you don’t leave valuable dive and fishing gear unattended at any time. It would be a shame to have your trip ruined by a thief who sneaks onto your boat at night and takes your fishing poles, or by someone coming underneath your house and taking your dive gear that is sitting outside to dry.

Another crime prevention tip: if you park your vehicle at a bridge approach, make sure you lock it and don’t leave valuables visible inside. We frequently get reports from people who have their vehicles burglarized while parked in these areas.

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