July 22, 2014

Man charged with taking repaired scooter without paying

A Stock Island man went to jail Monday for taking his scooter from a scooter repair shop without permission and without paying.

The owner of Island Scooters told Deputy Lazaro Valdes 48 year old James Whitley brought his scooter in to the shop last week for repairs. While it was being repaired he rented another scooter from the shop for four days. Once his own scooter was fixed, he returned the rental scooter. The shop’s owner told him he owed money for the repair and for the rental. Whitley said he couldn’t pay for it. The owner told him he could not have his scooter unless he paid.

While the shop owner was working, Whitley entered the back room of the business without permission and took his scooter without paying for it.

Detective Sgt. Donald Catala was on Flagler Avenue in the city on Monday afternoon and saw Whitley on his scooter. He was aware of the report taken by Deputy Valdes, and he stopped Whitley and called the deputy to respond to the scene. Whitley was taken into custody and charged with burglary, theft and fraud. He was taken to jail.

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