July 3, 2014

Miami man faces more charges

A Miami man, arrested on June 14th for stealing a boat and trailer from a home in Key Largo, faces more charges.

38 year old Giovanny Lluis was arrested after a traffic stop by Deputy Vaughn O’Keefe revealed he’d taken the $30,000 Hydra Sport and was headed northbound with it. He was initially booked on charges of grand theft and driving with his license suspended. His truck, used in the boat theft, was seized and towed. Detective Yunier Galvez was assigned to investigate further.

Inside the truck, Detective Galvez found evidence of more crimes. A GPS in the truck was traced to a home on Peace Avenue in Key Largo. The Sheriff’s Office already had an active investigation into  a burglary reported at the home. A second GPS found in the truck was traced to a home on Villa Bella Drive in Islamorada. Although there was no reported burglary at the home, Detective Galvez found evidence someone had entered a pontoon boat on the property and stole the GPS from the boat. The owner was contacted and identified the GPS as his. The investigation also revealed evidence that Lluis intended to sell the GPS units to an acquaintance in Hialeah.

Warrants were issued for Lluis and this week he was further charged with two counts each of grand theft and dealing in stolen property.

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