August 13, 2014

Hialeah man charged with robbery

Update on this case: Wednesday morning detectives recovered the stolen watch from the vehicle the suspect had been traveling in....

A Hialeah man who snatched a Rolex watch from a store clerk at a jewelry store and then fled on foot was arrested Tuesday.

The store clerk called the Sheriff’s Office shortly before 1 p.m. to report the crime. She said a couple was in the Blue Marlin Jewelry store and stole a Rolex watch she was showing to them. She was able to give a description of the man and woman, and the car they fled in – a small black two door vehicle with dark tinted windows. The clerk sustained an injury to her hand during the robbery.

The car was stopped by Lt. David Carey at the 96 mile marker of the highway. There were four people inside. Two of them matched the description given by the store clerk. All four people inside the car agreed to go to the Sheriff’s substation to be interviewed.

One of the women in the car who was driving told Detective Bob Dosh the four of them took a day trip together to Key West and were returning to Miami when 22 year old Ronald Cordero told her to stop at the Blue Marlin Jewelry Store. She said Cordero and her girlfriend got out of the car; she said they were gone for a while and then returned, running, and Cordero yelled “drive”.

The woman with Cordero in the store confirmed she was looking at watches in the store while Cordero used the restroom. She said the clerk was showing her the Rolex when Cordero snatched it out of the clerk’s hand and they fled.

Cordero was arrested. He was charged with robbery, grand theft and battery and he was booked in to jail. The watch, which is valued at $13,000, has not yet been recovered.

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