August 9, 2014

Restaurant owner arrested after fight

The owner of the Hogfish Restaurant on Stock Island was arrested Friday night after an argument which turned physical.

According to numerous witnesses the incident began with a disagreement over restaurant patrons using restrooms at the marina next door. A woman who lives at the marina confronted several patrons, telling them they were not allowed to use the restrooms. Deputies later interviewed the marina manager who said restaurant patrons are allowed to use the restrooms.

The manager of the Hogfish Restaurant walked over in an attempt to resolve the situation. He had reportedly notified the restaurant owner, 57 year old Bobby Mongelli who also showed up at the scene.

Mongelli began arguing with the woman about her confrontation with restaurant patrons. Her boyfriend, who was also present, tried to intervene. A struggle ensued between the boyfriend and Mongelli. At some point, Mongelli pushed the boyfriend into the pool at the marina. As he was falling into the pool, the boyfriend hit his side on the edge of the pool.

Deputy Donald Stullken was dispatched to the area. When he arrived, Mongelli was sitting outside and the boyfriend was being treated by paramedics. He was transported to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a broken rib.

Mongelli was arrested and charged with aggravated battery.

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